‘Mute’ Autistic Man Trapped In A World Of Silence Stuns Experts With His Amazing Singing Voice

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The Autism News | English

A man with autism that has rendered him almost mute is about to release an album after he was found to have perfect pitch and an amazing singing voice.

Kyle Coleman, 25, from Gwithian, Cornwall, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and has only ever been able to say a few words.

However, his talent was discovered after his mother Caroline took him to a music therapy session in 2009.

Since then music therapist Carine Kelley has been visiting him at home twice a week and has found that music is an instinctive way for him to express his emotions.

‘It became clear almost immediately that Kyle had a natural affinity with musical elements and could recreate his favourite songs on the keyboard with no prior musical knowledge,’ she said.

‘It is when he sings though that his songs come to life. His personality and emotion shine through in his singing and this has made it possible for us to develop a special relationship and for Kyle’s abilities and confidence to soar.’

After realising her son had a gift, Ms Coelman took him to Plymouth to see how he would do in a recording studio.



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