Beautiful Music

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There is not a better feeling than being able to enjoy a wonderful concert, and not have to worry about Mike escaping from the ‘noise’ or displaying any sort of behavior.  To his credit, Mike has gotten better at listening to many other forms of music other than rock ‘n roll.  Last night, we went to see his older brother Thomas perform in his Chamber Orchestra concert; the last group scheduled to perform, showcasing many of Farmingdale High School’s other musicians, including but certainly not limited to Jazz trios, bass duets and drummers galore.  It was a wonderful program of music.  We sat in the second row, and when the music got a little too loud, Mike simply put his fingers to his ears; he didn’t fidget, or want to leave.  We noticed he even perked up and seemed to enjoy the many stringed musical selections.  My wife commented last night that the strings seemed to soothe him, recalling the days when he was younger and listened to soft guitar music on CDs to help him get to sleep. 

So that gives me license to add this clip from the concert:


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