A Nice Day For A Swim

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With the weather on Long Island hovering in the 60’s all week, it was a good day for a swim. Mike is enrolled in the Town of Oyster Bay‘s GAP program, which he has been a part of for about 4-5 years now. At first he only participated in their summer day camp; a special needs camp for kids up to 16 years of age.
It’s a terrific camp with really terrific counselors, and is a great bargain. The kids always have swim, playground and arts and crafts built into their daily schedule, as well as a trip every week.
We found out GAP had a Fall/Winter program as well last year; Friday evening socialization group, bowling and swimming were the more common offerings. Mike didn’t enjoy the socialization group, usually not fond of the dance music they often played (he’s more into rock ‘n roll). He’s really enjoyed the swimming though, and sometimes during a cold winter Saturday, I sometimes wish I could go in there too!
It really helps that the summer counselors also work these programs, as Mike is afforded a certain degree of continuity and they get to know him that much more.


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