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I want to try something here.  I want the opportunity to brag about the other kids in our lives: the Siblings on the Spectrum, who truly are ‘Autism Heros’.  As Parents on the Spectrum, a lot of our time revolves around our Autistic child. Now it’s time to shine a light on our other kids, who do so much, and mean so much to our families.

If you have a story, picture, video, or blog post about your Siblings on the Spectrum, please send it to me as a comment to this post, or if you are on Twitter, Tweet or DM me (@1andOnlyJustEd) with your brag, using the hashtag #AutismHeros.  If you follow this blog on Facebook (Facebook.com/BeyondAutismAwareness) you can send your stuff to me that way.  I will gladly publish a new post using your story, picture or video, using #AutismHeros as the title.  (Please don’t use Pingback to send me your stuff. Thanks.)

All our kids are important, and they should be recognized. #AutismHeros

Nick, Mike and Tom: my three goofballs and each other’s best friends.  Mike looks up to Nick and Tom for different things, and they both give him things that only brothers can.  I am proud of both of them!!


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