Is Today Any Different?

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Today is, as you may have all been told, is the Fifth Annual World Autism Awareness Day.  Is it any more special than yesterday? After all, April Fool’s Day has been around a long time…

Yesterday too, was the start of Autism Awareness Month, wherein we get to deluge our friends and neighbors with urgings to ‘Light It Up Blue‘,

To families on the Spectrum, today holds no special meaning; no more than yesterday, and no more than tomorrow.  We will love and care for our children, all our children, the same: inequivocably and without end.  I did not love my wife and sons any more, or any less yesterday than I will tomorrow.  My pride in their accomplishments, their sacrifices and their growth is the same today as it was yesterday, and will be the same tomorrow: boundless.

Families on the Spectrum live with, and live through Autism everyday; one day blurs into the next. 

There is a saying: “Once you have met one Autistic child, you have met one Autistic child.” Unfortunately, you will undoubtably meet more, all unique unto themselves: Earth-bound snowflakes all.  World Autism Awareness Day is designed to focus everyone’s attention on a disorder that is not going away; it is a hallmark, intended to shine the brightest of beacons onto those unaware, and those with the power to do more.

So, is today any different? Not to those affected everyday by Autism.

Everyday is Autism Awareness Day.


3 thoughts on “Is Today Any Different?

    all about autism said:
    04-02-2012 at 2:56 pm

    It’s amazing that the world comes together each April to raise awarness for children and adults on the spectrum. Last week I blogged about how the Bicentennial Tower in Erie, PA will be lit up blue for the month of April. Feel free to visit my blog at

    […] Is Today Any Different? ( […]

    […] Is Today Any Different? ( […]

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