Silver Medal + Bronze Medal = Gold Medal

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It was a beautiful Spring day at Connetquot HS today as we brought Mike to participate in the Special Olympics Spring Games.  He is a member of the FREE Hurricanes; FREE is the parent organization for Mike’s socialization group Helping Hands Behavioral Outreach.  Mike is determined to win a gold medal despite anything we tell him about ‘doing his best’ or that a silver or bronze is good too.  This is Mike’s second year with the FREE Hurricanes; the team is coached by Steve, Melissa and Tim, who did a great job getting the team ready and enthusiastic to compete.

Mike participated in the Softball Throw

and the 50 Meter Dash

He earned a Silver medal in the Softball Throw and a Bronze in the Dash.  He was a little disappointed that he didn’t win a Gold this year but rightfully earned a great deal of praise.  He even saw his school gym teacher Patrick who also gave him a medal and promised to blast the Rock n’ Roll music in gym class tomorrow as a reward.  I am proud of my young man.  Proud that he participated, proud that he indeed did his best and most of all, proud of his Gold medal attitude.  He even got to sit on a few big bikes.

Onward and upward!


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