A Very Happy Mother’s Day to You!

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Just a few snippets from moms on the Spectrum on their special day.  Happy Mother’s Day! -Ed

Mother’s Day: Autistic 12-Year-Old Interviews His Mom About What It’s Like To Raise Him

Mothers Day Storycorps 



An Autism Mom’s “Unique” Mother’s Day Gift

From Lisa Jo Rudy

A Unique Mother’s Day Gift

For any of you who might be wondering if your spectrum child will be under your roof forever…well, this one’s for you.

My son and I had the coolest conversation the other day at dinner, when it was just the two of us.  I’ve been trying for the last few years (on occasion) to ask my son what he would like to be when he grows up.  My question is usually met with silence, or something inappropriate about one of his special interests, or by the simple statement, “I don’t know”.  Well, imagine my surprise when I broached the subject the other night (expecting the same response), but instead was met with the following exchange:

“Oh, Mommy, when I grow up,” he said, excitedly, “I’m going to be a teacher.”

I, of course, jumped right on it, surprised and elated to be having an actual conversation about the future.  “Really?” I said.  “What kind of teacher?”

And he said, “I’ll be a computer teacher, of course.”

“Of course – – ” I was trying to reiterate, but was interrupted.

“And I’m going to marry Jenny (his current “girlfriend” at school) and we’re going to have five kids.”

I was happily surprised to hear he had it all planned out.  “Five kids, huh?”

“Oh, yes,” he continued.  “It will be a boy, girl, boy, girl, boy – just like that.”

“Well,” I cautioned.  “It might not work out just like that.”

“That’s okay,” he said.  “I’ll still love them all the same and they’ll have YOU as a Grandma.  What could be better than that?”

So for all of you Spectrum Moms out there who think there’s no hope for the future and that no one else understands what you’re going through, please remember this.  It is possible for our kids to get better.  You just have to take the first step and then another and another…  Happy (early) Mothers Day to all of my fellow Warrior Moms!!



Mom Hero: ‘Super Mom’ Responds With Love to Autism’s Challenges

In honor of Mother’s Day, TODAY Moms is celebrating Mom Heroes, those everyday wonder women who quietly change the world. More than 700 readers submitted essays for our Mom Hero contest, and we wish we could give everyone a prize. Ultimately, the winners told us beautiful stories about mothers who are unsung heroes. Check back every day this week for a new winner.

Do you know a mom hero who deserves thanks? Send her a TODAY.com e-card. 

 Sandy Painter of Exton, Pa., is a mom of two, a full-time student, and, according to her husband Jason: “The top mom, regardless of if she wins anything.”

By Jason Painter

My Mom Hero is my wife, Sandy Painter. She is the hardest working mother I know.

Our youngest son is severely autistic. He receives numerous therapy sessions at our house and our school. Sandy participates and deals with all of our son’s therapists and his school. She also manages his diet, which is very restricted. He is gluten, casein and soy free.

The best way I can put her love for our family into words is to watch when our autistic son hits, scratches and bites her on a consistent basis. She has never hit him or put him down. She is constantly trying to find ways to make him better while being a mother to our daughter and a wife to me.

Sandy constantly helps our daughter with normal problems that a 9-year-old girl faces. She helps at the school and has spent many a night reading to her and helping her with her homework. She manages to keep our house clean and keep dinner on the table.

When Sandy is not being super mom, she is being a super student. Sandy went back to school and is taking four classes a semester. She has maintained a 4.0 grade point average, all while being an amazing mother to a special needs child and a normal child.

Sandy is an amazing wife and I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth to have her as my wife. In my book, she is the top mom, regardless of if she wins anything.



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