Nudes For Autism? No Thanks

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Thanks for setting the Autism Awareness movement back twenty years Jenny McCarthy.  Do I really need to get too  in-depth about what I think is motivating Jenny McCarthy to pose nude for Playboy for her 40th birthday?  Altruism? No.  Poverty? No.  Autism? No.  Ego, Self-promotion and Cash? Yes, yes, and yes.  Don’t think for a moment that this is some grand scheme to attract the soft porn industry to funnel money into the Autism movement.  This scheme is to funnel cash into her bank account; a reported $2Million payday.  Will any of that actually go toward Autism Awareness, or her own charity? By now you’ve noticed the skepticism as this post’s central theme; I think it is an outright affront to all hardworking parents and caregivers of those on the Spectrum.

Nudes for Autism? No thanks.

For a really good rant and read:


2 thoughts on “Nudes For Autism? No Thanks

    themommypsychologist said:
    05-21-2012 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you! Thank you for this! If there was ever a chance of me being able to take her seriously as a self professed autism expert, well, it’s gone. Is anyone going to be able to take her seriously now? What are they gonna ask her at autism awareness events now? Autism expert and playboy playmate just don’t work well together. I talk about it more here:

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