Play “Zuma Blitz” This Weekend To Support Autism Speaks

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PopCap Games is excited to have an opportunity to partner with Autism Speaks and help drive autism awareness. From June 29 to July 1, we’re donating proceeds from sales of Idols in our game Zuma Blitz (available on Facebook) to Autism Speaks.

We met a few members of the Autism Speaks team at an event sponsored by Facebook last year and were really impressed with the organization and the way in which it was using social media to increase awareness and advocacy for its cause. At PopCap, we really appreciate opportunities to support people and organizations in our communities and – since many of our players and our team members have young families – Autism Speaks seemed like a great partner and an important cause to help bring attention to.

We hope that everyone involved has fun with Idols for Autism in the same way that we’ve tried to combine fun with community support in the past. One great example that we hope you’ll check out is our game Allied Star Police which we built in partnership with a very inspiring guest producer, Owain Weinert.

On a more personal level, the entire Zuma Blitz team has really gotten behind this partnership. For the first time ever, we’ve built a new, special game board incorporating the Autism Speaks logo. This is something we didn’t even ask the game designers to do – they just built it. Todd, the head of the Zuma Blitz development team, writes:

“I am personally very happy to partner with Autism Speaks. I had the privilege of serving the autistic community for over 3 years. I wish this organization existed back then. I know from personal experience the huge difference that advocacy and community support can have for individuals with autism and their families. Raising social awareness about the effects of autism and teaching local communities to have empathy for the hardships that this disorder causes on the families and individuals with autism are required for an autistic individual to successfully integrate into their community.”

Thanks again to Autism Speaks for helping us put together this partnership. We’ll do our best to support you and the autism community.

Meanwhile, we hope you’ll play Zuma Blitz this weekend and have some fun while supporting Autism Speaks.

PopCap Games
PopCap Games


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