Family, Food, Dinosaurs and Swimming

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Some of my family came up from Florida last week; my aunt, my sister and my niece, who we have not seen for years.  My niece is on the college tour, visiting schools in New York City and Boston.  As many parents on the Spectrum know, even minor changes to a child’s regimen can sometimes precipitate a change in behavior, so I had a little trepidation but it’s not like Mike has never met them before.  My sister was even worried that Mike would not remember them; it has been 5 years since our last trip to Florida.

Mike remembers that Florida trip very well; that was the time he really wanted to go to the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride at Universal Studios in Orlando.  He didn’t really care where else we went as long as we went there.  He loved that ride but I remember that he didn’t want to go on it a second time.

Mike did remember them, and even asked if we could go back to Florida on vacation this year (no doubt to go to his other favorite Orlando venue The T-Rex Cafe).   The kids spent most of Saturday afternoon in the pool, just laughing and carrying on, as kids should; the sounds of kids laughing together is priceless.

At dinner time, Mike attempted to say a few Filipino phrases: “Please”, “Thank you”, “I love you” and of course “It’s time to eat”.  Later that night, my sister went into the living room to see what Mike was up to.  He was sitting alone, watching TV; he went on to tell her about the show “Stanley” and his Great Big Book Of Everything, and how Stanley was his favorite show, and that it was also (his brother) Nick’s favorite show, ” when he was my age”.  That was a nice conversation to listen to.

It was a nice brief visit highlighted by a veritable Filipino feast; they return from the college tour later this week and will stay for a few more days.  I can’t wait to hear what else Mike will have to say.


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