Teen Explains His Autism To Prospective Classmates

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Freshman Nick Brady knows kids could look at him funny. So being new to the JSerra Catholic High School community, he made a video to explain why he does some of the things he does.

Brady’s autism affects his movements, but as he explains in his video, typing is what saved him and allowed to prove that “you can be smart but look dumb.”

He said while he is friendly, sometimes his body is not.

Brady, who went to St. Edward the Confessor Parish School in Dana Point, will be taking three classes at JSerra with the help of two assistants, who also appear at the video. He warns his fellow students that he wears headphones in class and sometimes twists his uniform shirts.

“I’m hoping to wear my clothes the normal way, but I can’t stand the feel of them on my skin,” Brady says in the video. “Sometimes, I just have to pull my pockets out and pull my sleeves in.” To the dean of students, he says directly: “Sorry Mr. [Patrick] Holligan.”

In an article posted on the JSerra blog, Brady writes that he is excited to begin his high school experience at the San Juan Capistrano private school.

“You will learn about my autism and understand that I am different. It’s hard to be different, but that is how God made me, and I trust Him,” he wrote to his new school family.



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