A Prima Ballerina Of The Autism Spectrum

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Clara Bergs is a ten-year-old with a passion for dance, yet she faces far more challenges than the average budding ballerina. Bergs was diagnosed with autism and DiGeorge syndrome at birth, meaning she faces great physical and learning challenges, has difficulty connecting to others, and often dwells in a world all her own.

Clara’s parents noticed her repeating a certain dance around the house and after a while realized she had completely memorized Swanhilde’s masquerade in “Coppélia,” clearly no simple task. The video of Clara’s heartbreakingly beautiful dance has gone viral on YouTube, receiving a number of grateful comments such as, “She makes the world a happier place.” We too are blown away by this tiny dancer’s strength, grace and adorable smile. Watch Clara’s “Coppélia” and tell us it is not one of the most touching renditions of the classic dance you’ve ever seen.



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