Today’s Autism Heroes: Brownsburg East 7th Grade Football Team

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Brownsburg East’s 7th Grade football team helped make a dream come true for one of their teammates Tuesday night.

Click this link to view the accompanying video:

Lori Birr is just one of the many proud football moms at East.

“He’s autistic and has practiced with his team all season,” said Lori Birr.

Tyler Birr loves being on the field.

“Yeah. I like football.”

Tyler wears #87 for his favorite player.

“I picked this number because of Reggie Wayne.”

Lori Birr said her son is just like any other 7th grade boy.

“He dreams big. He dreams of being Reggie Wayne. He dreams of going to the NFL. He dreams just like any other child.”

Coach Chad Hoskins made the call to give Tyler his chance.

“He’s been out at every practice. He’s practiced all year long with us. So we thought our final game against West would be his chance to come out.”

The last play before half time Tyler ran out on the field. He got the ball and ran in a touchdown with both teams cheering for him.

Fox59 talked to Tyler after the TD.

“It was amazing.”

Lori said the game was about more than football.

“It touches my heart because he wants to be like the other children and today he got to be.”

Lori said it was a dream come true for both Tyler and her.

“It’s a day he’ll never, ever, ever forget and I wanna thank everybody.”


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