The 2013 “Many Faces Of Autism” Cover Boy

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Jason Frye!  The fun-loving eight year old animal enthusiast graces the cover of the second annual “The Many Faces of Autism” 2013 calendar.  The calendar, which is now on sale for $10.00 ( is one of several ways Hope for Three generates funds to assist families who are living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Jason, who resides with his family in Tomball, TX, is one of more than two dozen contestants who vied for the honor of capturing one of 13 positions in the calendar.  Our esteemed panel of judges, Clements High School PALS, experienced the excitement of selecting this year’s winners.

Jason, who believes Autism is his super power, is the son of Tonya and John Frye of Tomball and the youngest of his siblings, Bekah, Jesse, Ema and Katie.  He was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.   In spite of this, Jason continues to triumph each day.

Jason loves animals, reptiles and insects.  His hero is Turtle Man from his favorite channel, Animal Planet.  When he grows up, he wants to catch and take care of animals, probably alligators.   Mom said, “Jason is smart, determined, and an excellent problem solver.  He definitely has an engineer’s brain.  He loves to create and build.”

Jason is in the second grade, and his favorite subject is spelling.  He loves anything to do with water; skim boarding at the beach, fishing, and swimming.  “I’m proud of Jason!  He’s having a great year so far,” stated Dad.  “This is just a BONUS!  Wait til his classmates see that he is a celebrity.  Maybe he can have a guest appearance on his favorite wildlife show.”

It’s no wonder little Jason is happy and enthusiastic, his family is right there in the trenches battling Autism; one day at a time with love, encouragement, faith and dedication.  “This is one of the reasons the calendar exists”, says Hope Montgomery, Mom to triplets on the Spectrum. “Autism has many faces and people need to see it and understand it.  It is broad, complex, emotionally and financially taxing, and can quite frankly rob a child and family if you let it,  but with support of organizations like Hope for Three, families sharing their story, information, the medical/biomedical community working together and the understanding from others… one day, we will all be the better for it!  At least this is my prayer; I’m claiming it to be.”

Hope for Three, founded in 2011, is a local non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and providing support to families living with the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The 2013 calendar is on sale now, to purchase, or gift a calendar, visit For opportunities on how you can be the difference, upcoming events or Family Resource opportunities, contact Hope for Three at 1-800-317-0787 or


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