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According the the CDC:

“March 29, 2012 — One in every 88 U.S. children — and one in 54 boys — has autism, the CDC now estimates.”

Recognizing and diagnosing Autism spectrum disorders has come so far in the last twenty years, as well as treatment.  Treatment is costly and labor intensive, and many families struggle to find a way to pay for it, or to manage it themselves.  It is a complex situation fraught with difficulties, strong emotions and a component of fear.

Dr. Lovaas, who pioneered ABA Therapy for autistic children once said that there was no way to predict outcomes for children with Spectrum disorders.  A mildly affected individual might have years of therapy to no effect, while someone severely affected could go on to be indistinguishable from his normally developing peers.  For me this added an element of anxiety, because I saw it as a crapshoot…

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