Anyway You Spell It, Adam Johnson Is A Winner

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LEAVENWORTH, Kan. – It’s a moment Adam Johnson will never forget.

“I found a new life changing moment,  I found a new great moment,” Johnson said.

This great moment lives for everyone to see on YouTube now, the moment Adam felt the support of his cheering classmates, and the moment he felt proud of his accomplishment which was winning the school spelling bee.

“That is true.  I was very, very happy,” Johnson said.

The winning word was “prominent” it was no big deal according to him.

“I felt like, man, I can do this!” he said.

For most of his life, Adam’s known he could do many things, but some things can be difficult.  Adam is autistic, and for years he was in classes for people with special needs.  Adam’s mom says he gets stressed out easily, he takes things very literally, and he doesn’t like loud noises, for that reason she says special classes were necessary until recently, when Adam switched to mainstream classes and thrived.

“A lot of it is just determination I think.  He really wants to succeed,” Linda Johnson, Adam’s mom, said.

Adam perseveres by studying,working toward his next goal of winning the county spelling bee.

His family believes he’s got a shot at winning the next one too.

“I knew if he had the chance, and I’m just glad they gave it to him, that he would excel, and I guarantee there’s a lot more kids out there just like that,” Linda said.

Because sometimes all it takes is an opportunity for one new “great moment” to happen.


One thought on “Anyway You Spell It, Adam Johnson Is A Winner

    sasastro said:
    01-22-2013 at 3:00 pm

    what a lovely story

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