Local Musician Doesn’t Let Autism Keep Him From His Passion

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MILWAUKEE – Eric Look proves that autism does not have to silence your passion. Eric loves playing the piano and singing to audiences in Southeast Wisconsin.

“I feel like a good musician,” he said. “Music is what I love. I love to listen, I like to perform. ”

Look’s family discovered early on that he had a musical gift for playing and composing. “We found out about that when he was walking through a store and walked up to a toy piano and played song after song note for note,” said his uncle Joe Banos. “It was incredible!”

Longtime musician and producer Ramie Espinoza is impressed with his musical talent. “I listened to one of his songs and he did it in one take that’s unheard of,” Espinoza said of one of Look’s recording sessions.

Look’s mom Debbie Look feels pride when talking about her son. “I’m very proud of Eric,” she said. “He’s come a long way. He had so many sensory problems growing up. For him to be able to perform for people is quite a feat for him.”

Look’s family wants others to know that those living with autism can make a mark in the world. Like Eric, who’s sharing his gifts one song at a time.

Look plays a variety of songs, including those he’s composed himself.

His favorite songs are by the late Jim Croce.



2 thoughts on “Local Musician Doesn’t Let Autism Keep Him From His Passion

    Melanie Ryding said:
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    I love wonderfully uplifting positive autism stories and achievements such as these 🙂

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      Thanks for the reblog! If you like this story, please look through my blog posts; there are plenty there. Enjoy!

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