Canary Kids: Putting A Stop To The Autism Epidemic (Video)

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Canary Kids: Putting a Stop to the Autism Epidemic from 50EGGS on Vimeo.

Canary Kids, a new film project directed by award-winning film marker Mary Mazzio of 50 Eggs Films and sponsored by the nonprofit organization Epidemic Answers, takes a closer look at the causes and cures of the modern autism epidemic.
Canary Kids follows 7 children on their road to recovery from diagnoses of autism, ADHD, asthma, chronic Lyme or other amalgamation of chronic (environmentally-derived) symptoms, through 18 months of unique treatment.
The film documents the devastating health trend among children in the US, outlining the key factors that have contributed to the epidemic of chronic illness, and demonstrating how children can recover from conditions as varied as asthma and autism by stepping outside the conventional Western medical paradigm.
This film seeks to educate viewers and show that we are all a part of the autism epidemic: Asthma, ADHD, allergies, Lyme, OCD, SPD, LDs, diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s, colitis, rare autoimmune conditions . . . we are all affected.
If you’d like to make this important film a reality, consider donating at:
More information about the film can be found at:


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