Autism Service Dogs: A New Breed Of Love

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Matthew wrote a touching speech about his service dog and delivered it to his class. We wanted to share his speech with you.- via

Tanners 2nd birthday pic

What kind of animal is yellow, always has a wet nose, is very nice,
gets to ride in the family van and sleeps right beside me in my room?
If you guessed my dog Tanner than your right!  Mr. S., Mrs.
S. and fellow classmates, today I am going to talk about the dog
breed of a Labrador as well as my pet dog Tanner.  I love Tanner.  He
is my best friend.  Tanner is a boy dog and is a Yellow Lab.

Labradors came from Newfoundland.  Labradors are sometimes called
Labs for short.  Labs have short hair and can have black or yellow or
chocolate colored fur.  Labs are actually a type of gun dog.  They
have webbed paws. And have an otter shaped curved tale.  This helps
them swim.   A long time ago fishermen used labs for getting fish
nets.  The dogs would swim and pull the nets to the boats from the
water.  Labradors are the most popular breed of dog in many countries
including Canada.   Labs have lots of energy and love to swim, play
catch and fetch. They are good with young children, old people, and
protect people.   They are also used as therapy dogs to help people.
Tanner is special because he makes me feel better when I am sad.  He
lets me hug him anytime I want.  Before Tanner I would have to sleep
alone in my room because I have no brothers.  Now I don’t have to
sleep alone anymore because Tanner sleeps right beside me.  He is like
a brother.    I feed Tanner 2 times a day.  I put water in his food
because that’s the way tanner likes his dog food.   I also help to
brush Tanner’s fur so he always looks clean and shinny.  His favorite
treat is dried liver…Yuk!   I play hide and seek with tanner in the
house.  I will hide with a piece of liver and my mom will tell Tanner
to go find Matthew.   Tanner always finds me no matter where I hide,
even when I hide behind the couch!     I like to run with Tanner
around the house outside.  His favorite toy is his red rope ball.  I
always kick it for him and he runs and gets it.  I give Tanner a piece
of an antler to chew on in the house to help keep his teeth clean.
Tanner likes to sleep a lot in the house on his big brown pillow in
the living room.   Tanner always waits by the door for me to come home
from school.    Tanner is extra special because he is a service dog.
He can go into stores and restaurants with me.  He has to wear a
special jacket and has to be very good.  I get to hold onto his leash.
You have to be very smart to be a service dog.  If you want a dog for
a pet I would tell you to get a yellow lab!  Labs are the best.  I
would never trade Tanner for any other pet.  He is my special dog.  I
am glad he likes his new home with me.  Thank you for listening.

Tanners 2nd birthday


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