A Second Chance Prom

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Autism is a barrier that often traps it’s victims in a cold, lonely world. Autism restricts communication leaving patients frustrated and unable to express their true emotions.

Second Chance Prom begins April's Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. Events will take place in the Tri-State area as well as all over the country during April that will bring people together to work together to find a cure.Increased awareness will also help break down the communication barriers that isolate innocent victims and lock them in their own world. Autistic individuals are often pure and very intelligent. But their inability to communicate their needs,wants, and dreams cut them off from the rest of the world and leaves them feeling left out. Events are planned during April with the goal of showing our Autistic friends that they do truly belong.

Autism Awareness Month will also make information available that will help people further understand just what Autism is. With more understanding perhaps we can have more empathy and we can learn more about our Autistic friends.

I have worked with Autistic clients for over four years. I have learned perhaps as much as I’ve taught. I have developed relationships that I hope I’ll treasure the rest of my life. I hope to work within the Autistic community for the rest of my life either as a career or as a volunteer.

Several events are planned to increase awareness of Autism and/or rip down the barrier by making Autistic individuals feel like they belong.

One such event is March 29, 2013. Huntington councilman Rick Simmons and Angela Clay have organized a free second chance prom. The event will be held at the Big Sandy Superstore Civic Center from 7 to 10. The theme will be Almost Paradise.

City officials will attend and music will be played by ex-WKEE disc jockey Jack O’Shea. Mayor Steve Williams and his wife Mary will dance the first dance.

Although the event is open to anyone over 14, it is a perfect chance for Autistic teenagers or adults who may never get a chance to attend a prom or never have been to one to feel beautiful and special and to have that precious memory in their lives. Rick’s daughter has Autism and it is his wish that other Autistic individuals get the chance to attend and have the time of their lives.

According to the Herald-Dispatch: “The 12th Annual Rally for Autism awareness event is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, at Ritter Park and will be hosted by Autism Services Center, the West Virginia Autism Training Center at Marshall University and the Autism Society River Cities.
This year’s event will feature the 4th Annual Seaton & Moira Taylor 5K Walk, a 5K Run and a 25-mile Bicycle Tour. More than 1,000 people are expected to participate. The Rally for Autism will begin at 8 a.m.
All funds raised at the event stay in the area to benefit the three local hosting organizations and the families they serve.”

Please help make Autism Awareness Month a success and help raise money for Autism organizations to serve the Autistic community, to increase understanding of Autism and better understand its’ victims, and to bring new experiences into the lives of our friends with Autism. More people are diagnosed with Autism every year, let’s come together to stop Autism and let’s help our Autistic friends reach their fullest potential and help them have the type of fun and experiences that enrich all of our lives.


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