Bringing Autism Awareness To College

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Nick Lombardi, an incoming freshman class of 2017, will continue his dedication to helping others understand autism here at Manhattanville. Since a young age, Lombardi has worked to spread understanding and knowledge about autism to the larger community.

Growing up Lombardi’s younger brother Joey was diagnosed with non-verbal autism. Since the young age of five years old, Lombardi was always trying to watch out for his younger brother. Autism has often been called the “invisible diagnosis”, people with the condition have no outward appearance, yet are unable to function on a day to day basis. In an effort to end the misunderstanding, Lombardi created a pin stating “I’m not misbehaving I have autism, please be understanding”.

“My thought was if I was able to give Joey a way of letting others know he was doing the best he can, that he had a disability, folks would be more understanding,” said Lombardi. “My pin has done just that. When Joey wears the pin it explains his challenges and like magic, folks are more sensitive to my brother.”

Through the sales, Lombardi has helped to raise over $75,000 for autism awareness and hopes to remove the barriers between those diagnosed with autism and those unacquainted with the condition. The pins are also distributed by Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy program. To honor his continual work Lombardi’s home town of Greenburgh, NY declared January 23, 2013 “Nick Lombardi Day and presented him with a citation of achievement.

“I realized the more folks know about autism, the kinder this world would be for my brother and kids like him,” Lombardi stated. “I gain the pride of knowing I am doing something, even if it’s only one person, to change their view of my brother and others like him. To know that, is the best feeling you could ever have. There is no real word for it.”

Nick Lombardi at zoo

Lombardi believes that beginning Manhattanville in the Fall will provide him with the opportunities and resources to continue his efforts for autism awareness. Having visited the campus before applying to colleges, Lombardi got his first glance at the pride of a service-orientated college. Planning to major in Special Education and anticipating to continue his work with autism awareness, Manhattanville’s continuing dedication to community outreach and service is the perfect match for Lombardi.

“Manhattanville gives me the best of all worlds,” Lombardi said. “It’s a beautiful school, with respected programs in the career I desire, and has its heart and priorities in the right place. Where can I find a better fit?”


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