The More Things Change…

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A quick scan of the most recent news and articles about Autism really reinforces the fact that there is no common denominator to solving this puzzle: 

-Having Older Grandfather May Raise Child’s Autism Risk: Study
-Misregulated Genes May Have Big Autism Role
-Brain Circuitry Yields Clue To Autism, Researchers Say
-Abuse Tied To Autism

This doesn’t include other very recent studies that show Autism is ‘closely tied to’: maternal folic acid levels, maternal obesity, infection during pregnancy, pollution, maternal age, paternal age, paternal testosterone levels, thimerosal in vaccines, twin pregnancy, psychiatric diagnoses, etc., ad infinitum.  

As the number of Autism Spectrum Disorders diagnoses skyrocket, so too do the possible causes.  Are we closer to narrowing this list down? No freakin’ way; just the opposite it seems.  While this is going on, parents must fight tooth and nail in every state to get insurance reform that includes, among others, ABA treatment for their autistic children.  

Disheartening? Yes!  Like a slap in the face that wakes you up and gets you mad.  Mad enough to fight.

World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Awareness Month are coming.  Keep fighting.  -Ed


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