“Autism In Love” Kickstarter Project

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If you’ve been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, the perils and pitfalls of dating, relationships and commitment can seem like insurmountable chasms.

How do you apologize to your girlfriend after a fight if you can’t read facial cues? What does physical intimacy look like if you hate being stroked or hugged? These are just some of the questions that people with autism grapple with on a daily basis — and the subject of a new documentary called “Autism In Love.”

Independent filmmakers Matt Fuller and Carolina Groppa in Los Angeles, Calif. have been exploring the issue for the past 18 months, following four people and four couples as they look for love and try to keep it.  Fuller and Groppa posted their production plan to Kickstarter Monday to raise money to finish the film. Fuller and Groppa also posted a compelling preview of the footage they’ve shot so far.

Groppa got the idea for the documentary while working as an administrative assistant for a professor of psychiatry at UCLA medical school. The stories she read about members of the autism community and their romantic adventures quickly became a passion project. She approached friend Matt Fuller (the pair had met at film school at the University of Central Florida) with an idea for a documentary.

To learn more about their project, check out their Kickstarter page.



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