Washington D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms, Through The Lens Of Autistic Photographers

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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — The Cherry Blossoms are finally in peak bloom, which means thousands of people spent today taking pictures down at the Tidal Basin.

That includes a group of autistic young men part of the ‘In-Focus Photography Project.’

Brian Depenbrock sees things a little differently than most photographers. The 26-year-old is autistic. But for the last three years he’s been coming here to take pictures of the Cherry Blossoms.

“I like seeing how they turn out,” Depenbrock says.

Ian Paregol founded the In-Focus Photography Project five years ago with the goal of giving these four autistic young men a skill and a business.

They sell their best works.

” The public – whether its a critic or a buyer – can really see through their eyes what the world looks like,” says Paregol.

And that’s what makes their pictures so unique.

They’re a window into the autistic mind which modern medicine is still struggling to comprehend.

Paregol says, “When we see what they’re actually photographing, we can see what they’re honed in on.”

Brian’s honing in on his top client.

He’s been asked to hand pick one of his pictures for the President.

Depenbrock is a bit nervous about it but thinks the President will like the picture he picks.

“I kind of like the picture of the Jefferson Memorial…I think he will like it,” says Depenbrock.



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