“The Wacky World of Autism”

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A local elementary student wants to help children understand autism. Ashley McNeal has several siblings with the disorder, so she decided to write a book with the hope of raising awareness.

Ashley is a third grader at Reynolds Elementary School. On Monday she read a book she wrote called The Wacky World of Autism.

Please click this link to view the video about Ashley’s book: http://www.13abc.com/global/category.asp?c=210531&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8899346

“She came to me and said, ‘I think we should write a book about autism,’ says mom April Sepulveda. “She said ‘There are a lot of kids who do not understand about autism, and I think they need to know.'”

Ashley has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Four of her five siblings have autism.

“My mom and dad told me autism is something that happens to Ike which makes him act different. At first, I was scared,” says Ashley.

Her brother Isaiah, also known as Ike, is the main character of the book

“My favorite part of the book is when I try to give my brother a hug before I leave for school,” she says.

Although Ike doesn’t like to be hugged, Ashley now understands why.

“He seemed to live in his own world,” she says. “Now I know the reason is autism.”

She wrote the book so that other children could understand as well.

Her mother couldn’t be more proud.

“God gave her to me in the perfect order, because she is patient, and she is the oldest. Very patient and very understanding, and she is the type of person that can see the good in everything,” says April.

Ashley says you have to learn how to treat children with autism.

“Be respectful, and don’t stare at them, because it might make them nervous,” she says.

She hopes her book will help.

You can order Ashley’s book on Amazon.com.  She also hopes Walmart will sell the book in the near future.



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