The Return

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Okay, this took a while, but I’m back at the blog.  I had originally planned on getting back to this right after Labor Day, but I had a slight setback: a thoroughly messed up knee that is pending surgical reconstruction next week.  At the very least while I’m recovering I will have plenty of time to write a blurb here and there, and highlight some things that I think are important to those affected by Autism.

First and foremost, Mike had a great summer and the folks who run the Town Of Oyster Bay‘s GAP program should be really proud of the positive effects that this camp has on Special Needs kids.  Even more encouraging was Mike’s return to school.  So far, so good; no tantrums and no drama as he starts his first full week, and I continue knocking wood and rubbing rabbits’ feet.

This Summer to Fall transition also marked a transition for us as a family; our oldest son started college.  While not too far away, it’s still an adjustment that we all have to make; I still have to do a double-take when I come home and don’t see him playing on his Playstation 3.  Nick is the prototypical big brother, and I know both Tom and Mike miss him too.  Tom may not say so but it’s gotta be hard to suddenly be the big brother of the house now.  Mike has already told us that he misses Nick.  I was glad that he and Nick had a ‘sleepover’ in Nick’s room before he left for college, and again when he came home for Labor Day weekend.

Shameless Self Promotion Alert: Before I forget, if you haven’t already done so, please follow me on Twitter @1andOnlyJustEd and “like” my Facebook where besides seeing everyone of these WordPress posts, I highlight, tweet and share what others in the Autism community have to offer.

Thanks,  It’s good to be back.


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