A Balm For Autistic Behaviors??

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I saw this this morning and wasn’t sure if it was hype or not.  I have not yet seen any other posts or articles about this product.  Typically, I am skeptical, but there are those affected by Autism that would likely look into this.  -Ed


Philadelphia, PA – Olfactory Biosciences Corp.’s today announced that its Chief Scientist Dr. V. Ruth Pinney has invented a proprietary NOXO Autism Balm™ that reduces coping behaviors.


Dr. Pinney was interviewed recently and she shared that what makes NOXO’s Autism Balm (TM) unique is that it, “Is a simple, but powerful way to ‘tone down’ their overwhelming perceptions. The Autism Balm works well with most children that have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It is successful because it targets sensitivities naturally, changing the child’s perception to sensory inputs in a direct, safe way!”

Dr. Pinney explains, “A child whom presents symptoms with ASD perceives the world through his or her senses in a different way than most of us. Many are super-tasters and smellers, super feelers, etc.” NOXO’s approach is treating ASD through the powerful Olfactory Nerves or Sense of Smell. Further she explained, “Since Autism Balm is simple to use, safe and effective and is not a medication, the child can easily carry it around with them and use it when they think that they need it.”

It works very well on its own or with other Autism Spectrum therapies as an adjunct. NOXO Autism Aid™ will also assist in supporting the child in eating a variety of nutritious foods. NOXO Autism Balm™ is similar to a lip balm but is applied just below the nostrils on the upper lip, allowing the natural formula to be inhaled and take effect. NOXO’s solution is safe, easy to apply and non-invasive. It works on your body’s natural processes and responses.

Olfactory Biosciences Corp.’s NOXO division is focused to develop a variety of products targeting Olfactory Receptors for the desired effect. These alternative medicine wellness products may modify behavior or provide relief to common behavior challenges such as anxiety, smoking or weight control, as examples.

Website: www.noxoinfo.com/autism




One thought on “A Balm For Autistic Behaviors??

    Joseph Anthony Juarez,III said:
    10-03-2013 at 10:14 am

    I am on SS disability for multiple personality disorders. at the top of the list is Autism.
    I am desper ate for more info. P;ease cpntact ,me at http://www..papajoesgarden@yahoo.com

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