Is Obamacare What The Doctor Ordered For Kids With Autism?

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by Areva Martin, via the Huffington Post

On Oct. 1, our nation’s health care system will experience significant changes — changes that many are still debating and questioning. While Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, wasted his constituents’ time grandstanding in hopes of thwarting implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of deserving Americans are preparing to have greater access to affordable health care — access they never had before.

Despite the political wrangling over the ACA, commonly referred to as Obamacare, undeniably it is a game changer. An estimated 14 million people will access health care through a system of exchanges run by states and the federal government. Most people signing up for health care will get subsidies based on income and family size.

This means low-income families, including those with disabilities and special needs, will have more health care insurance and program options. Rather than traditionally depending on emergency rooms as primary care providers and straining over-burdened health care centers around the country, these families will be able to purchase low-cost health care coverage and access much needed wellness and rehabilitative programs thereby alleviating excessive hospital visits. Through several states’ exchanges, premiums will cost as low as $100.

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