Huntsville Music Teacher Conducts Study, Sees Music Help Autism

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Right here in Huntsville, a music teacher thinks she’s made a major breakthrough in helping kids with autism. Denie Riggs started teaching them music in a special program a few years ago. Now she’s published a case study to show her results.

Music trickles through the rainbow adorned door at Perfect Praise Inc.

Inside Riggs plays the piano.  She teaches music among other lessons.

She says, “We want people to know that there is hope.”

She goes on to explain, “When a person plays the piano, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere flow together and cross over.”

Riggs started teaching music to young kids for the intellectual benefits, but she found over time that students with autism benefitted even more than most.

She ran a study with just under two dozen students.  Out of seven non-verbal students, she says five had a breakthrough, either into vocabulary…

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