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UMass Medical School Lit Up Blue

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via Autism Speaks

Less than one month until Autism Awareness Day!


Hello world!

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We live for the betterment of our children. There is no nobler cause regardless of race, class or title.
I am a father of three boys; my youngest Michael, 12, has autism.  He is surrounded by family, friends and providers who encourage and support him, none more important than my wife and two older sons.  I am a Physician Assistant by trade and work with Developmentally Delayed adults residing in a state facility. 
I wear a blue rubber bracelet on my wrist that says, “Engage – Enable – Expand – Express – Embrace” which has become a mantra for me. 
I welcome you and invite you on this journey with me as a parent on the Autism Spectrum.  I urge you to share you stories and pictures. 
I am an advocate for Awareness and Empowerment of those affected by Autism. I am an occasional Guest Blogger on and on, a blog about autism from a father’s perspective.
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